What Are The Requirements To Obtain an FFL?

      • You must be 21 years of age.  NO EXCEPTIONS!
      • You must have a place of business, but YOU CAN GET YOUR FFL AT HOME
      • Is not prohibited from shipping, transporting, receiving or possessing firearms or ammunition
      • Has not willfully violated the GCA (Gun Control Act) or its regulations;
      • Has not willfully failed to disclose material information or willfully made false statements concerning material facts in connection with his application
      • For more great information visit: FFL FAQ's
      The requirements are pretty straightforward and obviously there are more the above mentioned, but with some help a little common sense getting your FFL is easier then you think.

      I Want Help Getting My Federal Firearms License

      Getting your federal firearms license the 1st time can be a difficult thing at best if you DO NOT  know what you are doing!  Answering falsely is an obvious rejection, but the even more simple and mundane things such as: 

      • Missing Information
      • Incorrect Addresses
      • Mispelling of Names
      • Incorrect Finger Print Forms
      • Clear Picture ID
      • Outdated or Incorrect Forms

      All of these and more can result in a denial of your federal firearms license and this can be costly in both time and money!

      Fortunately for you we have the solution available to you right now!

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      • I walk you through Every step of FFL License Approval Process...
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      • Sample application, showing exactly what needs to go on application...
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      • Cover all NINE FFL License types for you to decide which one you want...
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      • CA, NY, & NJ FFL Required Paperwork! (Even Home FFL in Mass.) 
      • All regulations on both a state and federal laws governing firearms! 
      • ATF approved template for Acquisitions & Dispositions (A&D)! 
      • Guide to complete Form 4473 for all transactions...
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      For more about this easy to use FFL Kit  watch the video below: